where i’m going…

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a city north of Chicago along the west bank of Lake Michigan. And it is to that area that I now return, as I have signed an agreement to serve as interim minister with UU Church West (UUCW) in Brookfield, a western suburb. Being there will put me within an easy drive of family and friends, and I’m beginning to realize how important that will be in my life.

It would have been wonderful to have been able to share my news with you just as UFP was anticipating a similar arrangement with an interim minister, someone new and different who would bring a fresh perspective and leadership style. Of course, that may still happen, however delayed. But for now, I share of my upcoming adventure while holding some disappointment on your behalf.

Still, there is excitement on your horizon as well. The sea spread out before you is uncharted and vast. And you, of course, will be just fine. You are as strong, creative, and resilient as a seaworthy sailing ship. The months ahead will be an incredible opportunity to minister together with one another. You’ll be filling holes you didn’t know were there, making plans for things unforeseen, and venturing into new roles in a beautiful web of interdependent shared ministry. Adventures in learning and discovery will be yours. And, I’ll be cheering you on.

As for me, the month of July will be one of packing and making moving arrangements to begin at UUCW on August 1. I will wrap up this next month with you by celebrating the many many blessings we’ve shared. You, and this ministry, will always be a part of me…indeed, a BIG part of me. In the words of ee cummings, “i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart).” Always.

Your minister until June 30,