Safe Reopening Committee needs volunteers to participate in upcoming service…
The “Tech Trial” a few weeks ago, saw a handful of people in the sanctuary to facilitate the trial of new equipment. It was only a few people. However, in debriefing, we were able to add to our knowledge about the processes for a return to “in-person” services as an option for those interested. We intend for services to continue in hybrid form, so those wishing to continue attending online will have that option.  
The Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee would like to trial more of our processes for in-person services during the August 1st service. At that time we would like to have 25 people attending and we are looking for volunteers. Please know that this is a learning service for the committee, so those volunteering are asked to carefully consider their own covid risk level. We would appreciate, for this particular service, if only those who are fully vaccinated (meaning two weeks past second dose) consider volunteering.  We need warm bodies in the seats to work things out (the technology for full hybrid services to offered in the fall will not be in place). Please note that, if you volunteer to be present on August 1st, the service may not seem quite the same as being at home viewing it online. For example, you will most likely not be allowed to sing and you may only be able to see any videos that are part of the service on a small monitor or possibly not at all. You may also be asked to attend a short zoom meeting or watch a short video so we can share some information that is needed before coming on the morning of August 1st.
If you are interested in helping the committee and you will be fully vaccinated by August 1st, please send an email to Heather Ballarin at ballarin@nexicom.net or leave a message at 705-931-0732.  We will let you know by Monday July 26th if you are needed to attend.  Thanks for considering this request. As we begin to gather again, in various ways, it is the committee’s goal to provide the knowledge and environment to do so as safely as possible.