Indigenous Issues Survey

Survey Highlights Candidates’ Indigenous Perspectives

Do City Candidates Support Reconciliation? Survey Says …

Candidates for City Council highlighted Indigenous issues in a recent on-line survey conducted by the Indigenous Allies Working Group (IAWG). The half of candidates who responded shared their current and potential relationships with local Indigenous communities, addressed reconciliation and justice, and explored City training and consultation, among other topics. 

The responding candidates are overwhelmingly supportive of cross-cultural trainings for staff and Council, full consultation with Indigenous communities, and significant Indigenous roles in planning, development and land matters. They also widely support municipal implementation of key Calls to Action and Justice from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Inquiry on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG).

Candidates were assessed in four categories, as listed below by Mayor or Ward:

  1. Knowledgeable and Active ***
  2. Involved and learning:         **
  3. Good Will and Intentions:    *
  4. Did Not Respond:                   –


  • Henry Clarke ***
  • Jeff Leal **
  • Victor Kreuz * 
  • Brian Lumsden *
  • No response: Stephen Wright

Ward 1 – Otonabee

  • Kevin Duguay ***  
  • Eleanor Underwood **
  • No response: Lesley Parnell, Nathan Russell-Meharry, Chanté White

Ward 2 – Monaghan

  • Charmaine Magumbe ***
  • Matt Crowley **
  • Lyle Saunders * 
  • Tom Wigglesworth *
  • No response: Don Vassiliadis, Jeff Westlake

Ward 3 – Town

  • Alex Bierk *** 
  • Joy Lachica ***
  • Dean Pappas **
  • No response: Brian Christoph, Vickie Karikas

Ward 4 – Ashburnham

  • Andrew MacGregor ***
  • Gary Baldwin **
  • No response: Keith Riel

Ward 5 – Northcrest

  • Carlotta James ***
  • No response: Aldo Andreoli, Andrew Beamer, Karen Grant, Dave Haake, Shauna Kingston

Please share these results. A detailed table of all the data can be found here and is also linked from the Indigenous Allies Working Group main page.

For more information, please contact:

Barbara Herring
Indigenous Allies Working Group