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In our last message to the congregation about reopening, the Board let you know that we would not reopen before October 4 at the earliest, and that we would update you in September. Well, it’s September, and the Board has decided that we will not be reopening for in-person Sunday services before January at the earliest. In addition to the potential risks, the elevator construction is making it impossible to meet in the building.
We recognize that this creates a continuing sense of loss of our familiar ways of gathering in community. We miss one another’s presence, and faces, and perhaps especially, singing together.
To address this,we are forming a team to work on how to reopen, when to reopen, and what we can do to maintain our sense of community while we wait for the right conditions. We heartily welcome your participation on this team, especially if you have an interest in finding alternative ways to meet, or have ideas about how to share music. Please contact Heather-Lynn if you’d like to help with this.
We expect over the fall to be imagining new features within our online Zoom meetings that allow for more participation, but which may require more technology. Anyone with an interest in exploring tech options or providing tech support (recording/editing/videography/etc) is encouraged to contact Ben Robins or Rev. Julie. 

Black and Indigenous lives matter!

Today, June 24, and in partnership with Beth Israel, we hung a banner on our street sign showing our support for people of colour in our community, and indicating our commitment to do the work of undoing racism. 

Each time you pass the sign, or enter the parking lot, may you be reminded to keep learning and listening. It is in opening our eyes and changing our hearts that we can then dismantle institutional racism in our congregations and in our community. Only then will we truly be an inclusive society where all belong, feel safe, and know that they matter. 

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