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The Safe Gathering Committee would like to bring the following online tool to everyone’s attention. It is a tool that can be used to help decide the risk of attending certain events or visiting with others. It was developed by the National Institute on Aging.  It may be a useful tool to help people make informed decisions about the risk level of attending community activities or small social gatherings with friends and family.  It can be overwhelming trying to decide which invitations seem like a good idea and which might require a pass at this time. It can be difficult to keep up with current recommendations too
There are two different questionnaires to choose from on the website; a short 3 minute “Visit Risk Calculator” and a longer 10 minute “ Visit Risk Decision Aid” When you answer the questions provided by either of these tools, it can help you make a decision based on real risk factors. At the end of the questions, the tool lets you know if the visit would be a high risk, moderate risk or low risk.  The longer “Decision Aid” is more specific to you personally so there are questions about your own health etc. It also factors in how important you feel it is to attend the event or make the visit.
Here is the link to the website:

Update from the Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee – July 20, 2021

Planning a “UFP Sanctioned Activity? Please consult the Covid Standards committee as you start your planning.

The Protocol for Community Based Activities has been updated to reflect that we are in Stage 3. The up-to-date protocol is HERE.

The Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee would like to help those planning UFP activities to ensure provincial, local and UFP covid safety standards are part of the planning process. Any activity, event, or member gatherings that are planned to include any UFP members who would like to participate and that would usually be announced Sunday mornings or included in “The Flame” would be considered a UFP sanctioned activity.

Getting together socially with a few friends who also happen to be UFP folk, with no open invitation, need not come through the committee. We do, however, still strongly recommend that local requirements are double checked and covid safety guidelines are followed – keeping each other safe is an important part of our covenant with one another.

The committee is trying hard to stay up to date as regulations change. We regularly consult the Peterborough Health Unit when clarification is required. We would like to help take the guess work out of the planning process for members who are working to help resume some in person activities. It is so great that we are moving into a time when we can start to gather in small groups again and there have been some great activities proposed on which the committee has been able to offer recommendations.

So, if you have an idea for an in person activity, event or gathering, please check the up-to-date general protocol for community based UFP activities as a starting point. If your idea seems to be a good fit, please send an email to the committee with more details and we will get back to you with any further questions or recommendations to keep in mind as you move forward with your planning. The committee meets every other Thursday so we can usually get back to you within a few weeks at the very most.

Happy planning, happy gathering.

Heather Ballarin on behalf of the Covid Standards and Safe reopening Committee

Again, the up-to-date protocol is HERE.

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