message from the Board | Jan 22, 2022

Dear Beloved Community,  

I am sure that the news from Rev. Julie that you just read was difficult to hear. We have all been so well ministered to and cared for by Rev. Julie, with so much heart work, that it will no doubt be sad and difficult to see her move on.

As President of our Board of Directors, I am writing to you to offer you my assurance that we have what it takes to navigate this next adventure together. The Board has known for some time that this day was coming, without knowing exactly when. And now, here we are, together.

We will have a few more rich months to share in community with our Rev. Julie. There will be opportunities to celebrate the many, many gifts of Julie’s ministry with us, so, please stay tuned for that!

We expect to hold a Community Conversation soon to talk through all the feelings that this change brings you. Please watch for an announcement once this is organized.

And we as a community are very fortunate to have many members and friends who make up such a strong and capable congregation of people who come together to sort things out, when the situation calls for it. There will be opportunities to volunteer to help us along the path and process of first finding an interim minister, and eventually our next settled minister.

If you find yourself with questions or concerns about this big coming change, we welcome you to reach out to Julie herself or the Committee on Ministry: Jovanna Soligo, Leah Andrews and Chris Campbell.

It’s sure to be a rollercoaster but we have each other to hold in love. I will miss Julie dearly and I will look forward to furthering the learning and growing together as a Beloved Community, as we walk this path together.

Yours in heart-filled Fellowship,
Stephanie Wildheart