Updates from your Interim Ministerial Search Committee

In Transition

Dear UFPers,

It’s happened. Our beloved Rev. Julie Stoneberg has completed her time with us in ritual and thanks.

And your Board, Transition Team and Creative Worship Team and others have been meeting, together and in our individual roles, to map out a plan for the coming transition year. We hope and expect to have good news to share shortly on some pieces of that plan.

One option now in exploration is that we could, as a congregation — with the possible support of a part-time Consulting Minister — take on the required interim tasks that could see us applying for a Settled Minister for 2023-24.

This work is rich, healthy and prescribed in the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Janus Workbook. It comes in three parts. It will serve us well no matter what ministerial schedule we are on. We will spend some time:

  • Understanding our history (September and October),
  • Getting a clear picture of our current strengths and areas for growth (November and December), and
  • Planning for our future (January and February)

Some of this work will be integrated into the teams and committees currently working to keep UFP operating, vibrant and connecting as we learn to navigate without Julie’s guidance and support. We expect there will be opportunities for everyone in this community to participate as we work through this “in between” time.

Meanwhile — summer is upon us. There will be Sunday service watch parties in person at the Fellowship, and RE-led summer park drop-ins for all ages. Many other tantalizing gathering opportunities are in the air. Information about these events, and steady news on the latest developments, can be found in the weekly Flame or by joining the UFP Facebook page.

Here are some of the many people you can speak to:

Your Transition Team
Meredith Hill
Donna Harris
Leigh Symonds
Ben Taylor

Your Creative Worship Team
Kate Jarrett
Erica Nol

Your Board Officers
Ben Wolfe
Aukje Byker
Scott Donovan
Joan Higginson
Steph Wildheart

Your Brilliant and Dedicated Staff
Leslie Menagh, in the Office
Jessica Smith, our Director of Religious Exploration

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