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Interim Search Committee Update | May 5, 2022

And Leaving You Some Good Reading

On April 7th, we were hot off the mark and submitted a long document called the Congregational Record describing UFP and Peterborough so persuasively to those looking for a placement as an Interim minister that they would surely give us a try!  We have had a number of people ask if they could read that document. So HERE IT IS. Warning: It is long!!

On April 21st, the Congregational Records of all UU Search Committees were posted for ministers to see, and they had until April 30 to make their choices. May 2nd was the date for Search Committees to learn about applications to their job posting.  That’s where we are right now, and you can appreciate that this information is not yet for sharing. Suffice it that things are unfolding and we’re doing due diligence on your behalf. May 18th is the next significant day in the calendar for this process. So, keep your shirts on; and we will surely have more to tell you then.

Thanks Everyone!

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