Music and COVID: Returning to Singing Together

At our meeting this week, the UFP Board approved the following COVID-19 and music policy, to enable Resonance, the Occasional Singers and any other small groups to rehearse and perform in the Sanctuary under these specific conditions:


When the Local COVID-19 Risk Index is at Moderate:

Resonance and other singing groups are welcome to meet at UFP to rehearse based on the following precautions:

  • Rigorous self-screening to attend, modelled on the Peterborough Singers approach,
  • All participants properly masked at all times (N95 or better masks, properly worn),
  • Social distancing in effect,
  • Doors and windows open for ventilation, and,
  • No indoor social time before or after the practice. (Outdoors is fine, it’s all about air exchange indoors and amount of time together.)

Resonance and other groups can perform at UFP in-person services with these same precautions. (Distancing is desirable while performing too, but what is practical/possible needs to be determined.)

When the Local COVID-19 Risk Index is at High:

Resonance and other singing groups can still meet to rehearse at UFP, for a maximum of 1 hour, based on maximum care with above noted precautions.

Resonance and other singing groups can be recorded live together in the rehearsal space for use in on-line services.

Note: At High, our services are online, with only the service delivery team in the Sanctuary.

Additional note: The 1 hour time at High is based on the CO2 monitoring we have done to date in the space to check air exchange in real world conditions. With additional testing in a live rehearsal, this might be improvable.)

At VERY HIGH, we do not gather. The Board includes two members and lovers of Resonance, and we look forward to singing with many of you again soon.

Please email any clarifying questions to me, Ben, and I’ll share the answers.

— Ben Wolfe, President, Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough