When a minister leaves the congregation they have served, they commit to step back from their role completely, and including from social connections. As hard and strange as that can feel, this is to make room for what comes next, for both the minister and the congregation.

This practice is part of the ministerial guidelines for UU ministers; these guidelines exist to ensure that we all do our professional best to serve the thriving of our congregations and the UU faith. I have covenanted with my colleagues to do this.

Your new minister(s) deserve to build a relationship with you free from my presence or influence. And you deserve to find yourself before a blank canvas, ready to create a new vision for who and what this community is, without being limited or influenced by any of the ways that I have ministered with and to you.

These are exciting times, anxiety-producing times. You, and I, are in a period of transition, and have both embarked on a search process, discerning what we need and want for the next phase of our journeys. We’re going to be okay. Indeed we are going to grow and thrive in unforeseen ways!

Be assured that when I go, I will leave carrying you in my heart. Know that I have been changed and deeply moved by who you are and what we’ve been together. Nothing, including distance, can take away the deep connections we have built.

Let me know if you want to talk about this more.

Rev. Julie
April 26, 2022