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November board message

Chalice at our May 2018 "Two Faiths, One Home?" Community Conversation with Beth Israel

The board would like to bring everyone up to date on the exciting progress in defining our new relationship with Beth Israel. This extract from the Joint Statement of Intent agreed to by both congregations explains why we are considering this change.

“Beth Israel has aspirations for a community where congregational size, resources, and leadership capacity are sustainable. They desire to assure a home for Judaism in Peterborough well into the future. The Unitarian Fellowship wants to feel settled, for the long term, in a place they can call home. They imagine that a greater degree of control over property related matters would allow for a more palpable sense of ownership and place”

Values that matter to community as we continue our co-visioning work with Beth Israel — on accessibility and whether this will be our "forever home."
Values that matter to our community as we continue our co-visioning work with Beth Israel — on accessibility, and the larger question of whether this will be our “forever home.”

All our discussions have recognized and addressed the main desires of the two communities as expressed in the Joint Statement. All our discussions have been rooted in a mutual level of trust, fairness, and cooperation that guides us at every turn. We have now settled on the main points of the structure of a new, richer relationship.

Details remain to be worked out, but the net result will be that UFP will have no increase in operating costs and will be able to assume more control over building use, so that it feels more like our home. Beth Israel will be able to focus more on outreach and programming and less on building issues.

Questions? At the Big Brouhaha Beyond Budget meeting on December 8 we will discuss details and answer questions about this and so much more, so mark your calendars and plan to attend.

— Guy Hanchet, on behalf of the Board of Directors

Our Budget Meeting on Dec. 8 Will Be Much More Than That — Plan to Be There!

This week we received the disappointing news that our application for a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to make the downstairs more accessible was not awarded. Only about one in three grant applications is successful, so we are not unprepared for this news. If you attended the informational meeting on September 15 you heard a bit about ‘Plan B.’

Mark the December 8th budget meeting on your calendar. The meeting will certainly be interesting since it will include discussion of Plan B, progress on redefining our relationship with Beth Israel, progress on our Planned Giving Campaign, and how all this fits together with our Long Range Financial Planning.

If you have questions or comments on these topics you are welcome to talk to me or any of our Board members.

— Guy Hanchet, on behalf of the Board of Directors

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