Online-Only Services

Leadership at the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough has decided to suspend in-person gatherings starting this Sunday, March 15 for at least 2 weeks, moving to online services instead. We do this because of the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the risk it poses to our community, and in alignment with the advice of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

We do not take such a decision lightly, knowing how much we all love the fellowship of meeting in person with our community. But with the rapid progress and severity of the disease, we, as a community of faith, have an important role to play in slowing its spread. Equally important, the age profile of our congregation means that many of us are at higher risk than the general population so we need to protect ourselves.

It is not official that this disease has arrived in Peterborough yet, but given how quickly it is spreading it is inevitable that it will be here soon and we feel that caution is in order.

This Sunday we will provide a live streamed version of our service from the sanctuary. You will find instructions on the web site shortly, and in a special mailing tomorrow.

Sunday services are only part of our community activities, and your leadership team invites your help in planning other measures that can provide support during this stressful time when the community we depend on will be wanted most.

March 15: join here.

March 22: join here.