Our 3 Areas of Focus This Year

Members of your Board of Directors would like to bring you up to date on the three main areas of our focus this year: Planning, Policy, and Governance. We are still paying attention to the details but we want you to know that we are putting a higher priority and more time on the long-term view that is the board’s mandate.


The Long Range Financial Planning Task Force has been tracking down historical records of our financial past and, after presenting its findings to the congregation, will soon turn its attention to the future. At the same time the UFP/BIC Co-Visioning Task Force has been exploring possible new agreements that we might formalize with Beth Israel. You can imagine the extent of interdependence between these two activities. They each have dependencies on the results of the other.

We remain committed to frequently consulting with the congregation as we progress on these important directions.


There are some UFP policies that require creation or updating. We remain committed to work on these. You will see the results as they are completed.


We are experimenting with some changed ways of making decisions at board meetings; it’s somewhat less formal and more collaborative. These processes are based on a concept called Sociocracy. One phrase that sums up the concept well, at least for me is “Good enough for now, safe enough to fail.” This approach allows us to agree on actions without insisting on perfection, while always considering the risk of failure and the gravity of a wrong decision.

Most of the month to month work in UFP is done by committees. The board has recommitted to an ongoing relationship between board members and the various committees. Every committee has a board member who has accepted the responsibility of liaison to the board. In this capacity they report on progress and bring issues to the attention of the board if necessary.

I hope this helps but please feel free to approach any board member if you have questions.

— Guy Hanchet, on behalf of the Board