Rev. Peter Boullata

I’m excited to be engaged in shared ministry with the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough. I worked with this congregation as its interim minister in 2006-2007 and came back as a contract minister in 2023, after which the Fellowship extended a call to be their settled minister. I was ordained in 2003 and have served congregations on both sides of the US-Canada border, primarily in the Boston, Massachusetts area. 

Over the years, I’ve made my living as a minister, psychotherapist, bookseller, and writing tutor in two countries, two states, two provinces, and six towns. I have avid interests in post-colonialism, liberation movements, and the spirituality of cultural resistance.  I am particularly interested in the intersections of religious naturalism, process theology, queer liberation, contemplative and other spiritual practice, social justice activism, and the arts. These are the sorts of things I like to think and write about.

My calling, as I understand it, is to equip others to live inspired, powerful lives. 

My religion informs and inspires my hope for a world of peace and plenty, cooperation and compassion, justice, pleasure and beauty. I embrace the scientific story of the universe as humanity’s common sacred text and as an inspiration for living a life of attention, wonder, and praise.  I ally myself with that spirit of wonder, curiosity and sympathy wherever it is found and aspire to cultivate it in myself, my communities, the people I serve, and the wider world. I frequently join together with others for writing workshops, storytelling festivals, protest marches, classes, and yoga studios. I also like to spend time alone going for walks, reading literary essays and speculative fiction, and cooking delicious wholesome food.