Planned Giving

In September, David McLellan, brother of UFP member Gord McLellan, made a generous gift to our fellowship in the amount of $10,000. David’s gift was, in his words, an expression of appreciation for the spiritual and practical support Gord and his wife Claire received from UFP.  Gord passed away three weeks later.

In October your UFP Board directed the gift to the recently formed UFP Endowment Fund, one of two trusts established to build reserves for future special projects at UFP. The funds, now entrenched in our by-laws, were the vision and creation of Gord McLellan and others a few years back. David’s gift was the initial investment to the Endowment Fund. It’s a tribute to Gord and his family and an appropriate start to a legacy project.

If you would like to memorialize a loved one, express gratitude for the work of UFP, or direct funds to special projects, consider a gift to the Endowment Fund or the Capital Fund. An Endowment donation is a legacy gift. It is placed in a trust where the capital is preserved and income generated from the fund may be used to promote growth and diversity, outreach, social justice or environmental activities, etc. A donation to the Capital Fund can be used for building or buying new buildings, upgrading existing ones, or making significant improvements, such as for accessibility, energy efficiency or new educational facilities. This may include the Fund’s principle.

Your gifts strengthen the work of UFP and build a legacy of generosity and possibilities. Ours is a living tradition, and our legacy trusts ensure a prosperous future. To learn more about planned giving at UFP, please talk to a member of the Finance Committee or the Board.

“A thousand words will not leave so deep an impression as one deed.” Ibsen