Things to keep in mind when planning to attend in person…
1) Proof of Vaccination and consent form.

This must be signed by all those attending. Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll not need to do it for subsequent services,  This can be done on Sunday morning, but to facilitate the process, we’d love to have you do this beforehand if possible. HERE is a link to the form if you would like to review it before coming to sign. 

We ask that you consider coming on Sunday as early as 9:30 to help us as we experiment with how to process everyone and have everyone seated in time for the 10:00 service start.

2) Safety measures in place for Sunday services 
  • Attendance limit to ensure physical distancing (please pre-register)
  • Proof of vaccination requirements for all those 12 years of age and older
  • Use of a good fitting face mask
  • Active covid screening
  • Increased natural ventilation during the service

HERE is a link to more information about masks and decision tools to help determine your own personal risk of attending an in person event.


Everyone planning to attend in person must pre register.  There is no cost for “tickets” but it will ensure that nobody is turned away at the door.

There are two separate Eventbrite invitations, one for the upstairs service and one for the downstairs family programming. Please complete the registration with the number attending for the chosen space/program (for the downstairs program, include the total number of children and adults). 

Anyone who cannot use the Eventbrite ticketing process should feel welcome to contact Heather at 705-931-0732 or Stephanie at 705-772-3011

For the upstairs service in the sanctuary is HERE.  

Families attending the Religious Exploration programming downstairs should use the registration link HERE.  


The Eventbrite invitation and the follow-up email confirmation include information about how to complete an online screening, which should be done between Saturday evening and Sunday morning so that it’s current. 

You can prescreen using this tool:
Once you’ve completed this screening, chose the option to save to PDF and email it to us at with your name in the subject line. 

Otherwise, screening will take place at the door. 

5. Religious Exploration Programming

We are so glad to offer special programming for our families and we welcome you on Sunday morning. Jessica is trying something new and will be offering Religious Exploration programming for families to enjoy together. During this trial period of family programming, parents will be joining their children for service in our downstairs hall, all together. There will be opportunities for parents to reflect together as children join our facilitator for outdoor games. Jessica has created this format as a gentle way to support families and children to transition to the new routines and guidelines that will be in place for in-person services.

6. More questions? Watch this recording! 

Wondering what to expect when coming to an in-person service? We recorded a recent information session. Take a look!