Dual-platform services resumed on March 6th. The online option continues, but if you are considering attending in person, here are some things you need to know.

We are continuing to require Proof of Vaccination ( POV ) for those 12 years of age and older. If we do not already have a signed and witnessed “Acknowledgment and Consent Form” on file for you, please know that one is required. Many people provided this back in December. If you did not, you can sign it on Sunday prior to the service, please plan to arrive around 9:30 to have time to read and sign that form. You will need to bring your government proof of vaccination QR code with you, either electronically or printed out so it can be scanned as part of this process.  HERE is a link to the form if you would like to read it beforehand. If you prefer to provide your POV each week at the door, that is ok as well. 

Active Covid Screening continues.  The Safe Gathering Committee has decided to continue with active screening for Sunday services at least at this time. The Government has taken down their online tool for screening patrons, so greeters on Sunday will ask a few questions of each person. We ask for patience during this process.

Safety measures in place for Sunday services

  • Attendance limit to ensure physical distancing
  • Proof of vaccination requirements for all those 12 years of age and older       
  • Use of a good fitting face mask, preferably with 3 layers. See more information about masks HERE and HERE
  • Active covid screening     
  • Increased natural ventilation during the service

Please see our APRIL UPDATE from the Safe Gathering Committee about why we are continuing with these safety measures at this time.