A Guide for UFP Members and Friends

Rev. Julie Stoneberg, our minister, is on sabbatical from January 1 to March 31, 2020. A sabbatical is a very old concept that relates to a period of rest or change. The root is from the word “Sabbath,” the biblical term, meaning the day of rest after 6 days of labour.

This page provides you, the congregation, with answers to questions that you might have during this period of change in our congregational life.


Our Committee on Ministry is serving as the Sabbatical Team during Rev. Julie’s absence, providing an advisory resource to the Congregation, the staff and the Board. The members of the Sabbatical Team are:

Christine Campbell 

Jovanna Soligo 

Leah Andrews


The sabbatical leave is a tradition for Unitarian Universalist clergy. It offers an extended time for study, reflection, rest, and renewal — all ingredients necessary for effective ministry.

A sabbatical is part of our covenant (Letter of Agreement) with Julie as our minister. The congregation will benefit as Julie returns refreshed, filled with new ideas and with rekindled energy. Further, it offers the congregation the opportunity to step up to fill some of Julie’s responsibilities, and to reflect on the health of our Shared Ministry, while being exposed to a rich diversity of Sunday Services.

Fellowship Office

Our Administrative Assistant, Ben Robins, is taking on additional duties to cover phone and email communication, and will continue to arrange Order of Service announcements, room bookings, and broadcast emails.

During the sabbatical months, Ben’s regular office hours are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1-4. 

Sunday Services

During the sabbatical, Sunday services will be diverse and stimulating!

The Creative Worship Team has created an outstanding schedule of services, including different Unitarian Universalist ministers from around the region, guest speakers and messages delivered by members and friends.

Our Service Leaders have been trained to make Sunday services run smoothly, and have put extra time and effort into preparing for this sabbatical.

All the other great stuff you expect on Sundays — Religious Exploration programming, Helping Hands, coffee time, music, Getting to Know UU — will carry on as usual.

Pastoral Care

We’re taking this opportunity to re-assess the ways in which we provide care to and for one another. A temporary ‘Pastoral Care Worker’ role has been created, and the person in this position will have two primary roles:
to facilitate providing care for emerging needs which might include rides, meals, friendly visits, cards, phone calls, and assistance with tasks,
AND to take a look at our Circle of Care system. We’re wondering if there are other models or practices that would be more easily or more effectively managed. 

        Martha Comfort
        Pastoral Care Worker · 705-748-2448/hm | 705-933-2749/text

There is a Unitarian minister on call for us. Should you have a financial need or a need for pastoral counselling, contact a member of the Sabbatical Team (at top) to discuss how we can best meet your needs.

Memorial Services

A UU minister is on-call in the event of the need for a memorial service. However, if a member or friend of UFP dies during sabbatical time, Rev. Julie would like to perform the service if possible and will be contacted by the Sabbatical Team.


Julie’s sabbatical is a time for a complete break from her duties as our minister, so she is not available to us during this time. Please contact the Sabbatical Team or one of the UFP members/staff listed below:


Ben Robins
Director of Religious Exploration

Ben Robins 
Administrative Assistant · 705-741-0968

        Elaine Kempt 
        Bookkeeper · 705-741-0968


Guy Hanchet
Board Chair

Ben Wolfe
Board Vice-Chair