Safe Gathering Committee Update April 15, 2022

The committee would like to again direct folks to the new Peterborough Public Health Covid-19 Community Risk Index especially as everyone is making decisions around Easter gatherings both UFP related and family/friends related.
Here is a link to the website that has the very easy to follow guidelines for the general population and for high risk populations; unfortunately the current risk has increased to Very High this week.

Information about how to gather safely this weekend with family and friends can be found just about everywhere right now – newscasts, newspapers, radio programs, facebook and twitter. Choose your source and gain some insights on how to navigate celebrations in order to decrease the risks when gathering.

The Service this Sunday will be dual platform and the Safe Gathering Committee would like to remind everyone that, during this time of increased risk, it is so very important to participate only online, if you have any symptoms that could be attributed to Covid or if you have been in close contact with a positive covid case.  
A reminder too that N95 masks are considered the best masking tool to help stop the spread and that these masks are available in the foyer at the Unigogue if anyone does not have access to one. Please consider wearing this type of mask if participating in person this Sunday.

If you are wondering if you are now eligible for the fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine; check out this article from the Peterborough Public Health

If you or someone you know suspects they have covid and want to know if they are eligible to receive the Paxlovid treatment, refer to the information in this link;

The Safe Gathering Committee feels that there will be no additional loosening of UFP’s Covid guidelines and protocols for several weeks, given the current Covid climate in our area.  The committee is taking a wee break and will be meeting again beginning in May.  Although there are protocols in place for small groups wishing to meet in person, the Safe Gathering Committee is not promoting that people gather inside for meetings or social events that can take place online. The risk indicator tool is being used to assess the local risk level of gathering and we will be sure to announce when small group gathering is once again encouraged.