Communal responsibility continues to guide our actions. Creating a welcoming and safe space for those who are vulnerable and those who are choosing to remain covid cautious during this time of ongoing pandemic remains the Fellowship’s goal. For information about ongoing protocols for attending the in person service this Sunday, please refer to the June 9th entry below.

Our most recently updated information is strictly coming from our local Public Health agency. Our local heath unit is taking a very proactive and science-driven approach to the information and recommendations they are presenting, and so we have decided to share some of their information for those who may not have accessed their website of late.

As we are currently experiencing the next wave of the pandemic, our local covid-19 risk indicator indicates a moderate local risk.  For more information about this tool, current outbreaks etc use the link HERE.

The Peterborough Public Health website is much easier to navigate these days and provides links to updated local info about the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Below are a few of these links.

Start on this main page about Covid-19 to then find more specific information.   

There is good information there on how and when to use a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT)

And where in Peterborough you can get RAT for free?  If you need a box of RAT and you cannot get out to get them or you are isolating with symptoms, please reach out to Leslie at the office and she will have someone bring you some.

As a reminder, if you have any symptoms that could be related to covid, please choose to attend online services. This is difficult to determine for those who have sinus issues or allergies or other chronic health issues that can mimic covid symptoms, so using a RAT just before going to any gathering, including our Sunday service, can help assure you that you are not contagious to others, at least for the next few hours. You should always retest for a few days if you continue to have symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone who has or possibly has covid. 

There is also helpful links for those who test positive using a RAT and wonder if they are eligible for further testing and treatment for Covid-19.  Use the Anti-viral Treatment Screener to see if you are eligible for treatment and where in Peterborough to seek assessment.

And, for those looking for more information about getting their 2nd booster or wondering about whether to vaccinate their young children who are now eligible – please refer to the following two videos by Dr. Piggott our Medical Officer of Health.

This YouTube video is a quick review by Dr. Piggott for those who are young and healthy and wondering whether to get their booster now or perhaps later in the fall.

On Instagram, search “ptbohealth” and scroll down to find a video from July 21st of a presentation and a question and answer period that follows about the newly approved vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years of age.

We recognize that there are many resources online to help navigate the pandemic.

If you are interested in any of this information but are unable to access the internet, please reach out and a hard copy can be delivered to you.

Your Safe Gathering Committee