The 8th Principle … What are YOUR thoughts? … Four ways to think further

Friday, Oct 1, 2021
As you know, the Canadian Unitarian Council will hold a Canada-wide vote on November 27th on the possible addition of an 8th principle, which currently reads …to affirm and promote “individual and communal action that accountably dismantles racism and other oppressions in ourselves and in our institutions”.

As part of a voting UU congregation, what do YOU think about this? What questions do YOU have? What do YOU want to say about this?

This fall, UU congregations across the country are participating in learning about this change process, joining in discussions about it and contributing ideas and input for the CUC to consider as it prepares the final motion for the vote. For UFP, there are four ways to do this. Please consider doing at least two of these.

#1. UFP’s Anti-Racism Action Group, while in support of the motion as it stands, would like to gather a broad response from our congregation. To this end, there follows here a survey to “take the pulse of UFP’, to get a sense of where you’re at on this important undertaking. Please use this link (by Oct 10) to respond to the survey: 

#2. Perhaps you want some time for discussion and questioning. This Sunday, Oct 3, after the service, there will be an option to take part in a small discussion group, with a member of the Anti-Racism Action Group present. You’ll get instructions about how to join this small group during the service.

#3. Also, on Sunday evening Oct 3, at 7:00pm there is a Canada-wide conversation you can take in as well. In a Zoom format, the Canadian Unitarian Council will host the 2nd of 4 90-min Forums where Unitarians from coast to coast can consider the deep meaning and impacts of the 8th Principle. Here is the link for attending this gathering.
If you wish to fully participate during these Forums, CUC asks that you do the preparatory reading and video-watching that you can access here:
You may attend as a non-speaking observer if you cannot do this preparation.

There are two further Forums at the same time on Sundays Oct 17 and Nov 7. 

#4. Perhaps, Sunday’s opportunities don’t work for you. On Tuesday, Oct. 5, at 7:00pm, Rev. Julie and some of the Anti-Racism Action Group will host a Congregational Conversation where you can bring questions and express ideas and concerns. The link for this gathering is here:

Please do participate in one of these opportunities. You’ll be part of something historic and significant in the life of our faith.

Meredith Hill, for the Anti-Racism Action Group