Rev. Peter Boullata Unanimously Welcomed to be our Long-Term Settled Minister

The Reverend Peter Boullata
The Reverend Peter Boullata

OUR HALL RANG with the resounding cheers of congregants at Sunday’s special meeting of the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough when the count was announced with a unanimous “YES” in favour of inviting the Reverend Peter Boullata to become our Settled Minister. Rev. Boullata’s “YES” to our invitation resulted in another enthusiastic round of cheers.

This call followed a lengthy process in which the future needs of the Fellowship were assessed and Rev. Boullata’s interests and qualifications were found an excellent match. Speakers at the meeting gave emotional testimonials about how Rev. Boullata has connected to them, to our Fellowship, and to the greater community in the time he has served us since Rev. Julie Stoneberg’s departure.

Rev. Boullata also served the fellowship as an Interim Minister leading up to the call of Rev. Julie.

Rev. Boullata was the keynote speaker at UU Midwinter Retreat in 2020. In his talk he lays out clearly the challenges and opportunities all religious organizations face in the years ahead, including our own. Here is that address:

(Also in the video: UFP Board President Ben Wolfe and scrutineers and Board members Aukje Byker and Mundy McLaughlin.)