Theme-Based Ministry

Each month our Fellowship lifts up one theme for our reflection and learning.

Theme-Based Ministry

A theme packet, called Journeys, is available and included in our weekly online newsletter – The Flame. Hard copies are available by request. Your ideas and contributions to that resource packet are most welcome!

Twice a month, we offer a “Journeys” Group, a time to gather and reflect on the theme. Generally this is offered on the first Monday and first Thursday of each month. (Click on the link above for more info.)

And, most of our Sunday services will be connected to the month’s theme.

Themes for 2022-23
A Community of…

  • September: Belonging
  • October: Courage
  • November: Change
  • December: Wonder
  • January: Finding Our Centre
  • February: Love
  • March: Vulnerability
  • April: Resistance
  • May: Creativity
  • June: Delight

Themes for 2021-22
Living with…

September: Embracing Possibility
October: Cultivating Relationship
November: Holding History
December: Opening to Joy
January: Living With Intention
February: Widening the Circle
March: Renewing Faith
April: Awakening
May: Nurturing Beauty
June: Celebrating Blessings

Themes for 2020-21
Living with…

September: Renewal
October: Deep Listening
November: Healing
December: Stillness
January: Imagination
February: Beloved Community
March: Commitment
April: Becoming
May: Story
June: Play

Themes for 2019-20
Living with…

September: Expectation
October: Belonging
November: Attention
December: Awe
January: Integrity
February: Resilience
March: Wisdom
April: Creative Liberation
May: Thresholds
June: Play

Themes for 2018-19
A community of…

September: Emergence
October: Vision
November: Leaning In
December: Mystery
January: Perseverance
February: Clarity
March: Journey
April: Wholeness
May: Curiosity
June: Beauty

Themes for 2017-18
A community of…

September: Welcome
October: Courage
November: Legacy
December: Hope
January: Intention
February: Interdependence
March: Balance
April: Power
May: Creativity
June: Blessing

Themes for 2016-17
A community of …

September: Return 
October: Rhythm
November: Abundance
December: Incarnation
January: Identity: Within
February: Identity: In Community
March: Identity: What is Ours to Do?
April: Risk
May: Unfolding
June: Mindfulness 

Themes for 2015-16
What does it mean to be people of…?

September: Invitation
October: Embodiment
November: Ancestry
December: Expectation
January: Relationship
February: Reconciliation
March: Liberation
April: Transformation
May: Grace
June: Compassion

Themes for 2014-15

October: Possibility
November: Courage
December: Communions
January: The Holy
February: Vulnerability
March: Practice
April: Lightness of Being
May: Integrity
June: Beauty