Our Sunday gatherings are at 11:30 on Zoom. Email Ben to get the link.

We also meet for Games Night on Wednesday nights at 7pm, using the same link.

Come to make new friends. In the RE program, we love each other just the way we are, and we also encourage each other to grow and change.

We have open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts (Can you picture the hand gestures?). We use our minds, hands and hearts to care for each other, care for our neighbours and friends, and care for people who need extra care.

Once you are connected to the program, join our Facebook group for more sharing and relationship-building.

Sept 20-Nov 15 Spirit of Life Series

We love the song Spirit of Life. Each week, a line from the song will take us on a journey.

Sept 20: “Spirit of life”
What makes you feel alive? Celebrating the diversity of how the spirit of life shows up (including a celebration of Pride).

Sept 27: “Come unto me”
We’ll honour that feeling of hopeless we sometimes get, when life is too hard. Musician Carolyn McDade wrote “Spirit of life, come unto me”, exhausted after yet another social justice meeting.

Oct 4: “Sing in my heart all the stirrings of compassion”
This is about letting ourselves feel how much we care about others. It also begins the fellowship’s October theme of deep listening. 

Oct 11 Outdoor RE: “Blow in the wind, rise in the sea”
At the fellowship’s outdoor service at the zoo, we’ll explore the spirit of life we find on the island.

Oct 18 “Move in the hand, giving life the shape of justice”
We’ll learn stories of kids who made a difference

Oct 25 “Roots hold me close”
We are grounded in beloved community and a Unitarian history of acting for a better world.

Nov 1 Day of the Dead service
We take a break from our Spirit of Life series for the congregation’s annual Day of the Dead ritual.

Nov 8 “Wings set me free”
Open minds, helping hands and loving hearts are just some of the wings that allow us to fly

Nov 15 “Spirit of life, come to me, come to me”
Again we call out from our deepest need. You might think of this as an early start to advent.

Parents of Preschoolers

This year, our parents of preschoolers have a simple program that goes deep.

Oct Helping Hands Theme:
Helping the Environment

Pick up garbage on your family walk. Take a trip to the dump, to learn where garbage goes. Learn how to reduce Peterborough’s impact on river life. Learn what’s most helpful for reducing climate change (hint: it’s not necessarily what’s trendy). Participate in an event at Camp Kawartha’s Environment Centre.

What Matters Most

Here’s the story What Matters Most, by Emma Dodd, read by Rev. Julie: