May’s Theme: Thresholds

Meeting online, we’re developing our rhythm, while staying grounded in love, truth, friendship and all the good things.

To join any event, email Ben to get the link. The link stays the same for each weekly event.


Games Night, Tuesdays 6:00-7:30pm
We are game-lovers in abundance. Let’s adapt our favourite games to play on Zoom. A fun way to nurture our community and ground ourselves in love, acceptance and all the good things.

Shared Breath, Thursdays 11:00-11:30am
Let’s experiment with a soulful midweek ritual. We’ll say hello, have 3 shared breaths (for ourselves, for our families, for the world), and imagine what the day could bring. We banter too.


Every week on Sunday morning:

  • We light a candle and recite that “We are Unitarian Universalists, people of open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts,” (with hand gestures, of course).
  • Then there’s an icebreaker question, like what kind of animal are you.
  • Then we sing the 7 Principles song, to that tune from The Sound of Music.
  • Then we share our emojis from the week, like our glads and sads.

Then we explore the theme of the day, using some mix of games, crafts, questions and active listening.

While we’re meeting online, it’s at 11:30. Email Ben for the link. Some families are glad to be in the fellowship service together at 10am, and then join RE together afterwards. 

Here are our themes for May:

Sun May 3: Dance
May Day normally brings our annual Maypole dance. This year, we’ll experiment with dancing together online, including hand dances and the spirit of the Maypole. Email Ben to get the link.

Sun May 10: Mothers
On Mother’s Day, we’ll share our favourite things about our mothers, and hopefully inspire kitchen creations to gift to them. We’ll also honour that for some of us, today might be a complicated day.

Sun May 17, 11am start: Through the Door
Leah is leading this week, bringing us into the monthly theme of thresholds. What happens when we go through the door?
Note that the Sunday service starts at 12:30 this Sunday, with “coffee hour” beforehand at 12:00. The service is a Canada-wide UU service.

Sun May 24, 2pm start: The Costume that Changed Me
A month ago, we honoured the start of Ramadan. As Ramadan ends, we’ll again explore special times of choosing to live differently. Wear a costume.
We start at 2pm because the fellowship’s AGM is after the service.

Sun May 31, back to the usual 11:30am start time: Theatre 
We’ll act out a story of a family struggling to live together during a pandemic, with the help of way too many animals.

To join any event, email Ben to get the link.

Once you’re connected to the program, join our Facebook group for more sharing and relationship-building.