April’s Theme: Creative Liberation

It’s a creative month, experimenting with new ways of being together. We’re developing a new rhythm, while staying grounded in love, truth, relationship and all the good things.

We’ll be adding events through the month, so stay tuned.

Games Night, Tues Mar 31 6:30-8:00pm
Last month’s games day showed that we are game-lovers in abundance. Let’s adapt our favourite games to play on Zoom. A fun way to nurture our community and ground ourselves in love, acceptance and all the good things. Email Ben to get the link.

Shared Breath, Thurs Apr 2, 10:00-10:20am
Let’s experiment with a soulful midweek ritual. We’ll say hello, have a shared breaths, and set intentions for the day. Email Ben to get the link.

Sunday Ritual, Sun Apr 5 11:45am
Inspired by the book Yardwork: A Biography of an Urban Place, we’ll take a closer look at the land we each live on. You might join the zoom call on a phone or tablet, so that you can take it outside. We’ll also do a ritual of loss, because of all the things in our lives that have been cancelled for now. Email Ben to get the link.

Sunday Ritual, Sun Apr 12 11:45am
On Easter Sunday, we’ll look at seeds that rest and then come to life. What part of you is ready to come to life?

Sunday Ritual, Sun Apr 19 11:45am
Leah is leading this week. Details to come.

Sunday Ritual, Sun Apr 26 11:45am
As Ramadan begins, we’ll explore special times of choosing to live differently.

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