Weekly Children and family programming

Folks of all ages are welcome to join our children and family programming staff, Jessica and Leah, for the UFP Sunday service each week, either in person or online, starting at 10. 

Children are welcome to join with their parents, and move around, get up, leave as they need to. You are welcome here, and there will be parts of the service just for you!  Story time for all ages, singing, colouring pages and RE staff available in the foyer to welcome you and to offer a few more choices.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Grounded in Love Gratitude!

A great big Grounded in Love thank you to all who contributed to making October 28th’s Grounded in Love event at the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre such a warm, inviting, connective, meaningful, and rich experience for so many. 

In attendance were a group of new families who found out about the event via a poster, families who hadn’t been to service in a season and were keen to reconnect, new members having their first taste of UFP outside of Sunday service, UFP regulars who invited friends to come and check out our community, and plenty of ‘seasoned’ members connecting with old acquaintances they hadn’t seen in awhile. 

Indeed, a wonderful community service offering of UFP. Save the date for our next planned event, Sunday May 5th, 2024! 

~Jessica Smith, Director of Religious Exploration