Our Sunday gatherings are at 11:30 on Zoom. Email Ben to get the link.

We also meet for Games Night on Wednesday nights at 7pm, using the same link.

Come to make new friends. In the RE program, we love each other just the way we are, and we also encourage each other to grow and change.

We have open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts (Can you picture the hand gestures?). We use our minds, hands and hearts to care for each other, care for our neighbours and friends, and care for people who need extra care.

Once you are connected to the program, join our Facebook group for more sharing and relationship-building.

Big News: Junior Youth

We’re launching a Junior Youth program. This program prepares 12- and 13-year-olds to join the youth when they start grade 9 (or equivalent). Make friends and have fun, grounded in UU community.

We meet every other Thursday, 7:00-8:00pm on Zoom, starting Jan 14th. Email Ben to sign up.


Big News: OWL for Parents

We’re launching an Our Whole Lives program for parents. It’s suitable for parents of children of all ages. Even though OWL for kids doesn’t work on Zoom, kids keep growing up and need your help. The parents program works well online.

We meet approximately every other Tuesday, 7:00-8:30pm on Zoom, starting Jan 19th.  Email Ben to sign up.

More info is here.


Jan 3-Mar 1 Series on our 7 Principles

Our 7 principles guide us every day.

Jan 3: Intro
This first week we will start with a battle of the 7 Principles. By putting them head-to-head in pairs, we’ll debate which is most important to us, and why. They all complement each other beautifully, but today they battle.
Update: The winner was Principle #4: We search for what is true. The other finalist was Principle #6: Build a fair and peaceful world. It was wonderful hearing the kids advocate for their favourites.

Jan 10: Each person is important
Today we’ll focus on neurodiversity, learning to understand and include the various ways that our brains process information. We trust people when they say that they need quiet, or movement, or fidget spinners, to feel comfortable and think clearly.

Sun Jan 17: Be kind in all you do
We’ll use theatre games to play with ways that we can share our kindness with loved ones (and perhaps even not-so-loved ones). Emojis will help us to get into character.

Sun Jan 24: We’re free to learn together

Sun Jan 31: We search for what is true

Sun Feb 7: All people need a voice

Here we switch to Monday nights 7:00-7:45pm through April, to support Ben doing a sabbatical ministry at another congregation on Sunday mornings.

Mon Feb 15: Build a fair and peaceful world

Mon Feb 22: We care for our planet earth

Mon Mar 1: And that brings us back to me and you UU


Parents of Preschoolers

This year, our parents of preschoolers have a simple program that goes deep. We also do a monthly hike, covid-permitting.


January Helping Hands Theme:
Helping people escape the winter blues

Can you say a kind word to your family and friends? Notice who could use a pick-me-up.

What Matters Most

Here’s the story What Matters Most, by Emma Dodd, read by Rev. Julie: