November Theme: Attention

Nov 3:
We’ll explore meditation techniques for tuning into ourselves, tuning into each other, tuning into nature and the world around us. 

Nov 10
We’ll be crafting decorations for Friday’s Family Fun Night. There might be informal sharing about how attention and care for our surroundings can shape our lives. Gloria will lead this session. Ben will be at the annual conference of UU RE directors in Baltimore.

Fri Nov 15: Family Fun Night 6:00-8:00
Once a season we gather for food and fun. The Grade 5-8’s have gifted us the theme of outer space, and it’s going to be out of this world. A space-themed dinner, space-themed activities, and you’re welcome to jazz things up with space-themed costumes or accessories. After dinner, parents will go upstairs to connect, facilitated by Rev. Julie.

Nov 17:
We’ll explore how music can shape and centre our attention. Music can help us to see each other more fully, and songwriting can be about paying attention to ourselves, paying attention to the world.

Nov 24:
We’ll explore paying more attention to the world around us. The upstairs service will have a climate theme, and we will rejoin the service towards the end to participate in a ritual of appreciation and hope.

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