The Religious Exploration program will be back on Sept 8. Over the summer, there is an informal monthly gathering.

July 20, 2:00-4:00
Meet at Harmony Picnic, a local community event at Nicholls Oval Park. Bring a picnic blanket and refreshments. This is an opportunity to meet our new Director of Religious Exploration, Ben Robins.

See our Facebook page for other events this summer.


Here’s What We Did in June

Theme: Beauty

June 9:
We will be participating in the flower communion service this Sunday so don’t forget to bring a flower to contribute!  We will also spend a shorter than usual amount of time downstairs playing a game and discussing the story behind the first flower communion.

June 16:
Today is a multigenerational service so the adults and children will be visiting various stations set up around the theme of gratitude.

June 23:
This Sunday is our annual end of the year picnic!  There will be food, games and a bubble machine!

June 30:
We will be having a relaxing Beach Day at Jones Beach (908 Jones Beach Rd., Bridgenorth, Selwyn Township) from 10am until you decide to leave!  Bring your sunscreen, beach games, floaties and food to share!  RSVP here: