September Theme: Exploration

Sept 1:
RE gets going next week, Sept 8, but kids are welcome today, as always, to join in the Sunday service. 

Sept 8:
It’s our annual water service. It brings us back together, and it’s also a great time to come if it’s your first time. It’s an intergenerational service. You are welcome to bring a jar of water from your home or a beloved body of water you visited this summer. Our waters will be mixed in a common bowl as we celebrate connection and the flow into something both new and familiar.

Sept 15:
Our first Sunday downstairs, we’ll play games to meet each other, and we’ll imagine what this year could be like together. Who are you? Who are we? Who do we want to be?

Sept 22:
Gloria is leading RE this morning. Perhaps her dynamic creativity will be coloured by the inclusive rainbow of Pride Sunday.

Sept 29:
Where will we be after a month of exploring the theme of exploration?  Wherever we find ourselves, it will be grounded in love, justice, wonder and awe.

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