Our Sunday gatherings are at 11:30 on Zoom (Feb-Apr: Moved to Mondays 7pm). Email Ben to get the link. 

We also meet for Games Night on Wednesday nights at 7pm, using the same link.

Come to make new friends. In the RE program, we love each other just the way we are, and we also encourage each other to grow and change.

We have open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts (Can you picture the hand gestures?). We use our minds, hands and hearts to care for each other, care for our neighbours and friends, and care for people who need extra care.

Once you are connected to the program, join our Facebook group for more sharing and relationship-building.

Junior Youth

We recently launched a Junior Youth program for those born 2006-2008. Make friends, explore who you are, and have fun, grounded in UU community.

We meet every other Thursday, 7:00-8:00pm on Zoom. Email Ben to sign up.


OWL for Parents & caregivers

Our Whole Lives is our sexuality program, with courses for each stage of life. Even though OWL for kids doesn’t work on Zoom, kids keep growing up and need your help. The parents program works well online.

We meet every other Tuesday, 7:00-8:30pm on Zoom.

More info is here.


March-April Series on our 6 Sources

Our 6 sources shape who we are and where we explore.

Mar 8: Intro
This first week we will start with questions about how you became who you are. What are the sources of you? We’ll also honour International Women’s Day and the theme of Choose to Challenge (choose to challenge inequality).

Mar 15: Awe, Wonder, Mystery
What are sources of wonder for you? What is more amazing than a newborn baby or a twinkling star? How does something come from nothing?

Mar 22: Wise Words
Where do you turn for advice on how to live your life? Proverbs? Songs? People on the margins? We might learn a tip or two for distinguishing wisdom from nonsense.

Mar 29: Traditions
What family traditions are most meaningful for you? What holidays feel like holy days? What myths make you feel alive? What traditions that other people have are you just learning about?

Apr 5: The Golden Rule
Much of life is simply about treating people the way that you want to be treated. How do you like to be treated? Have you ever tried being extra generous to your family or friends? And are you ready for the platinum rule: treat people the way that -they- want to be treated.

Apr 12: Think for Yourself
What decisions do you make for yourself now? When would you rather trust your parent’s judgement? How do you make decisions?

Apr 19: Nature
What have you learned from nature? Do you ever hibernate like bears? Do you move in a pack like fish? How do you like to start fresh? What is your rhythm?

Apr 26: What’s next for you?
Our sources give us wings as we learn and grow. Where are they taking you?


Parents of Preschoolers

This year, our parents of preschoolers have a simple program that goes deep. We also do a monthly hike, covid-permitting.


March Helping Hands Theme:

Who on your street would appreciate a casserole, or a hello?


A Story for All Ages

Here’s a story, read by Rev. Julie: