We have a new Director of Religious Exploration, Jessica Smith! Read about her HERE

On Oct 17, Leah will lead our Sunday programming (at 11:30am), and Jessica will be present to learn and get acquainted with you. So come with your open minds, hands, and hearts! 
Here’s the link to join: https://tinyurl.com/mindshandshearts


Senior Youth Group (grade 9+ age group) meets on ZOOM!
Thursdays from 7:00 – 8:30.*
As you may be aware, COVID has had a huge impact on our Sr Youth Group (YG/SrYG). In 2020, we were hoping that we’d be able to meet in-person ‘soon’; with so much change at school and elsewhere last fall, we decided to wait for things to settle down/improve before officially inviting the new grade 9s to YG. 
We hope that all the youth of high school age will consider joining us this year, along with new grade 9s (some of whom visited SrYG in June).
Contact us if you’d like more information.