A Transition Team of four members was originally struck to support an incoming Interim Minister who would lead our beloved community while we searched for a new permanent minister. When that didn’t transpire, the Transition Team and the Board began to re-imagine what our congregation needed their Transition Team to be! It was clear that the Transition Team needed to be a hub of communication for our Fellowship, so we expanded to include two members from the Board and one from the Creative Worship Team. We also changed our name to reflect our new role promoting and facilitating leadership and communication within the Fellowship.   

We are now the Transition Leadership Team!! 

During this time of transition – of interim-ness – the whole congregation can become a hive of activity and enthusiasm working together to bring energy and vibrancy to our community. We need to lean into our shared principles, especially our seventh principle which celebrates the interconnectedness and inter-relatedness of all life. Our Fellowship is a web of interconnected support and strength and every one of us is valued and treasured for the gifts we bring to each other.

To help us connect, we need to hear your ideas, concerns, and what you are celebrating about our beloved community. We are working on ways to promote communication. One of us will be at the Fellowship (in person and online) each week. Please feel free to reach out at 

We’d love to hear from you!  

The Transition Leadership Team is:

  • Aukje Byker
  • Donna Harris
  • Kate Jarrett
  • Leigh Symonds
  • Ben Taylor
  • Stephanie Wildheart