UFP Sponsors films at the ReFrame Film Festival

A highlight of Peterborough’s year, the ReFrame Film Festival, is happening January 24-27, 2019.
This year, UFP is sponsoring four films that speak to our values and connect to issues of importance for us. These films are
1. Biidaaban, an Anishinabe story about a maple harvester and gender. Based on the writings of Leanne Simpson, it also has a virtual reality counterpart event. (Friday, 5pm, Market Hall)
2. Defiant Lives, a film about disability rights, apropos for us right now, given the status of the stair lift in our building. (Saturday, 10am, Market Hall)
3. Anthropocene, and environmental film which speaks to our human impact on the earth (Friday, 7:30pm, Market Hall)
4. Adventures in Understanding, which is about the canoe trips that Glen Caradus leads, bringing indigenous and non-indigenous youth together. (Sunday, 4:15pm, Showplace)
Visit ReFrame’s website for more information and to find out how/where to purchase tickets.