Update from the Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee – April 16, 2021

The Covid Standards and Safe Reopening Committee continues to meet twice monthly. Committee members are Heather Ballarin, Guy Hanchet, Heather-Lynn Fraser, Stephanie Wildheart, Dana Capell (BIC member) and Rosana Salvaterra.

As part of our work, we update the Workplace Covid Safety Plan each time there is a change to the provincial and local regulations/restrictions. This allows Julie to continue working from her office at the Unigogue even during the various “shut downs.” 

We create protocols, based on best practice guidelines, for activities that are UFP sanctioned. We have presented, to the Board, our processes for determining when there could be a return to safe hybrid in person/online services. We are also working on the educational materials and protocols that will be necessary for the return to in person services for those who wish to participate in that way. During our meetings, terms such as safety, low risk/high risk, inclusion, mitigation factors and due diligence are part of our every dialogue. 

Recently, Julie forwarded a letter to us that had been crafted by Rev. Christine Dance to the UU congregation of Phoenix. We felt that it was so well written and expressed so many of the same ideas that we, as a committee, value as we do our work, that we thought it worth sharing with you. With permission from Rev. Dance, here is a link to the letter.

Watch for more regular entries from the committee, in the Flame, over the coming months as we continue to strive for a safe and inclusive return to each other’s company, live and in person on Sunday mornings.