Update from the Safe Gathering Committee

The pandemic continues to require of us that we “gather safely.”  

We at UFP have had lots of practice on how over the past 2 1/2 years, and our local heath unit is doing a great job of regularly updating our community on the local risks and protective measures to be considered.

We would like to take the opportunity to remind everyone that when meeting indoors at the Unigogue, there are a few simple, low burden mitigation measures that continue to help protect those with whom we are gathering; opening windows and doors for increased ventilation and wearing well-fitting masks, preferably N95s. Also, ultimately making a decision to stay home and join online if not feeling well or if having been recently exposed to a positive covid-19 case.

At this time, the Safe Gathering Committee has requested a change of roles and the Board has agreed to remove us as a standing committee. The Board has also endorsed a proposal that the current members remain an advisory group attending Board, Joint Leadership and/or Building Maintenance Committee meetings as needed, providing information as requested by other committees, and submitting information for the Flame that may be useful to our members. The Boards, the Joint Leadership Committee and the Building Maintenance Committee will continue to make any necessary changes to protocols or procedures that assist in ensuring that staff can work safely and our communities can gather safely.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for having held each other in love and respect during the more confusing, early months of this pandemic when little was known about the virus and vaccines were not yet available. Thank you also for continuing to care for each other by living out our communal responsibility to one another and our larger community as this pandemic continues.  What an amazing community. And thank you to Heather-Lynn Fraser, Dr. Rosana Salvaterra and Guy Hanchet who also served on the SGC in earlier times.

As a final reminder — please check, regularly, the information that can be found on the Peterborough Public Health website, especially the Local Covid-19 risk index which is updated every Wednesday.  


— Heather Ballarin, Stephanie Wildheart, Dana Capel