There are always things to do here at UFP.  Here are some current needs.  Check to see if any is calling your name, and if so, shoot a quick email to the office expressing your interest. We’ll be sure to connect you to the right team/person.


We’re searching for a few team members, including someone willing to chair this team. The CWT meets monthly to plan our weekly services, guest speakers and our music. They coordinate and train our service leaders, and collaborate with Rev. Julie on our monthly themes. They also oversee the Helping Hands program.

Circle of Care

When one among us is in need, we do our best to support them. The Circle of Care is a group of facilitators who take turns being the lead contact each month, and who then ‘animate’ volunteers to provide rides, meals, visits, etc., when requested. If you’d like to be one of those volunteers, or would be willing to be a facilitator, we’d love to hear from you. Contact Martha Comfort


This 3-person team attends to the health and vitality of the congregation, meeting with Rev. Julie monthly to reflect on and advise in matters that affect our whole community. This team’s existence and mandate is part of our bylaws. Team members must be UFP members and have the confidence of the congregation. Each year, one member rotates off. If you have an interest in someday serving on this team, please contact Rev. Julie.

Gift Card Sales

We are looking for a couple of volunteers to help us, for half an hour after service, a few times in the next couple of months. Email if you can help, or if you have questions, suggestions and/or concerns. Thank you.

Undoing White Privilege Team

Rev. Julie is committed to leading those members of our community (who identify as white) in working to dismantle colonialist culture. This involves becoming aware of how we unconsciously perpetuate systems of oppression, while cultivating practices of deepening awareness and humility. It is important that we offer several ways for people to engage in this process, so a team of leaders/planners/facilitators is necessary. We’d love to have you on this team, or on another of our social justice projects (Indigenous Allies, Food Action, Refugee Sponsorship…)

Baked Treats

Home-baked goodies are always welcome for Sunday mornings.  If you get an urge to bake, we’d love to sample your delicious treats; just bring them with you anytime!  (Remember, no gelatin or marshmallows.)

Tend our GardenS

We have lovely gardens at the front of the building, in the courtyard and a Pollinator Garden on the south side of the building. They need regular loving care.

Sunday Helping Hands

Each Sunday morning experience requires the support of volunteers in a variety of roles. It’s easy to sign up on right on our website to be an usher/greeter, to prepare coffee or do kitchen clean-up.  Instructions are readily available!
Tracy Galvin supports our sound team which also uses this sign-up system.

RE Leader / Helper

Be a Religious Exploration leader or occasional helper.  Our programming for children and youth is a really important part of who we are, and you can help make it possible.  You can be a part of this wonderful program one day a year, or a day every month, or help every week!  Talk to our RE staff.

Calling on your Creativity!

New banners for the sanctuary and the streets! Updated stationary and cards! Better and more consistent branding! Does this interest you?
Or, might you love to make a beautiful bulletin board? Or artwork for our theme packets or bulletin covers? Or make our snack table more beautiful on Sundays? There are always ways to use your creativity here!

Sound Team

Be a member of our sound team. On a Sunday, once every 5-6 weeks, you’ll make sure that the microphones are set-up, working and are at the right volume.  Training is provided! See more information under “Sunday Helping Hands” above.

Sermon Podcast Manager

Be the person who edits sermon recordings for posting on our webpage.  This involves regularly uploading digital recordings…then editing and organizing for posting.

Library Coordinator 

We have a great collection of books and need someone to occasionally do a bit of tidying and organization on the shelves.  You might also highlight a few great reads…by putting something in The Flame or by putting out a display on some Sundays.