Rev. Julie Stoneberg

We are becoming the ones the world is waiting for!*

If you, like me, recognize that you are not quite finished with your transformations…
If you see both the world’s incredible beauty and its intense pain…
If you’re trying to figure out why you’re here…
If you long for a community that supports you on the journey…
This just might be the place for you, and we invite you to come make this your spiritual home.

I think we all know ‘home’ when we find it. ‘Home’ can be found in the company of a particular person, or when a cool breeze rustles our eyelashes, or when some truth resonates down deep within. ‘Home’ might be where our children feel safe and loved, or where we are trusted to experiment with new versions of ourselves. I feel ‘home’ when I am seen just as I am, and accepted. And I want to offer ‘home’ to others by showing them true hospitality, seeing them without judgment, and hearing their truth.

I know it can be scary to go somewhere new. You might have had bumpy or unpleasant experiences with groups in the past. You may have never visited a spiritual community before. You may think there’s no place where your beliefs will fit in. And yet…you’re searching for something.

The Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough welcomes you – whoever you are, just as you are. If you want to work on becoming what the world is waiting for, if you need a community of friends, if you and your children have questions about life’s meaning… come check us out!

One way to find out about us is to come to a Sunday service. During the CoVID19 pandemic, we are meeting on line. You can find a link to join each week’s service and to our programming for children on the home page.

In ‘normal’ times, we meet at 10 am at 775 Weller Street. There are programs for children and youth, who begin their Sunday in the service and then are sung out to their own activities. A time of refreshment and conversation follows each service at around 11:30.  You can just come for coffee if that’s what you need!

There are other ways to connect too! Watch for events here on our website, or you can receive our weekly enews, The Flame, by sending us an email.

Come casual or dressed up, come empty or full, stick just a toe in the water or jump full in…you are welcome here!

— The Rev. Julie Stoneberg, Minister

*This is a paraphrase of the words of Micky ScottBey Jones, who reminds us that we are not yet the ones we have been waiting for.