What keeps you engaged at UFP?

In last Sunday’s service on UFP history, with our Minister Emerita Anne Orfald, breakout rooms created rich conversations and meaningful sharing about what engages us and keeps us coming. The main themes include Community, Sunday Services, Music Programming, Social Justice, Values and Personal Development.

The Questions Asked

  • Describe experiences that engaged you in the past and what keeps you coming to UFP now?
  • Describe in what way core UFP values have impacted you and how they continue to do so.


  • Caring heart centred community
  • Community support
  • A spiritual intentional community of seekers
  • The people – kindness, acceptance, connectedness, expressions of love
  • Intergenerational connections
  • Safe to explore and have difficult conversations
  • Acceptance of diverse opinions
  • Listening to each other 
  • A sense of belonging
  • Fun and laughter
  • Friendship
  • Potlucks and coffee hour

Sunday Services

  • Meaningful services
  • A particular Christmas Eve service
  • Rituals, mystery and story telling
  • Youth led services
  • Minister led services
  • Shared ministry, co-leadership
  • On-line availability of services
  • Challenges my thinking and inspiring change 
  • Joys and Concerns
  • Guest speakers
  • Day of the Dead
  • Reading and quotes from great writers 


  • Choral singing, guest musicians 
  • Diversity of music
  • Singing in a choir


  • RE programming for kids and youth – spiritual home for children
  • Covenant and Connection Groups
  • Connecting with nature 
  • Blue Horse Cafe
  • Adult RE programmes

Social Justice

  • Making a progressive difference in the world
  • Refugee settlement commitment
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Indigenous allies 
  • Equality of women
  • Welcoming Community for 2SLGBTQ
  • Anti racism work
  • Recycling 


  • Interdependent web of life
  • No doctrine
  • Inherent value of all
  • Principles, not specific beliefs
  • Personal values fit
  • Equality in community
  • Belief that all living things are equal
  • Female leadership
  • Freedom to form our own beliefs

Personal Development

  • Finding and developing own voice
  • Leadership opportunities