HIGHLIGHTS of the March 19th Transition Leadership Team’s service 

At our March 19th service we shared about what we want our congregation to look like in the future and what needs to change for us to get there. The responses were rich and not
surprisingly, not everyone wants the same thing.

Responses to Questions from March 19, 2023 Service

What would you like our congregation to look like/be 5 years from now?
Vibrant, double in size with a settled minister
Welcoming and safe for greater ethnic diversity, colour, LGBTQ+, diverse genders, youth, young adults, international, Trent & Fleming students, young families and diverse financial abilities.
Services/rituals: lay lead, a variety, surprises- a place that is nurturing, accepting, challenging, loving, not boring, in a circle, outdoors,
Music-choirs, instrumental, guest artists, a pipe organ
Activity in foyer before services AND meditative music and quiet in the sanctuary before services – a place for everyone
Communing together, as opposed to “worship” together.
Children exposed to intentional community, active RE, Owl for all ages, multi generational actives.
Greater engagement, such as ‘What we believe’ Sundays
Hybrid services and meetings for those in other communities or necessities or health or weather with use of screens in service
Community is vibrant, energetic welcoming, accepting that people flow in and out.
The Unigogue is a happening place – things happening every day of the week that one can be part of and be involved with besides Sundays.
Small group ministry.
Social – environment and justice work
Building being used by community.
A regular mechanism to update everyone about our needs through such things as the business salon

What needs to happen to make this a reality?
Explore What Peter means by “doing church” in another way
Spiritual nourishment

Explore repertoire, consistency and structure for searching in the service
Thoughtfulness, ritual and connection without dogma
Less churchy and more exploring principles/values
Explore role of faith – spiritual aspects of self

Connecting within our community
Optimism, connections, activities, relevant, experiential, outreach, leadership
Recognize our own capabilities and collective leadership
Connect and follow up with new people
Build relationships with and for on-line participants
Retain members including seniors and young families & encourage their involvement
Pastoral care and maintaining connections with all ages for both those who attend on-line and in person
Incorporate small group breakouts as part of service or after service – like ‘speed friending’ or musical chairs of connection!
More integration with the Jewish community (including social events)
Hand keys over to the next generation
Drop-in community offerings @silver bean for example -open ended
Community meals, monthly luncheons, dinners, Sunday workshops
Social time during week for fun, including outdoors and pub nights

Connecting with broader community
Be more comfortable in proselytizing – more Grounded in love events
More Community involvement in social and environmental justice causes
A greater UFP presence at community events

Utilize building as a greater resource – rooms available for meetings, with initiatives to other community groups to provide free space for their activities
Reserve some parking for UFP on weekdays
Make parking lot environmentally friendly and include an electric vehicle charging station
Expand gardens, plant more trees, a meditation garden, use plants to create a noise barrier from traffic
Make lobby and courtyard more welcoming
Art on walls
Review mask policy, fix air quality and provide safety for all
Necessary $$ to expand Hybrid capabilities

Planned giving established.