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Grounded in love, we strive to be a welcoming community that embraces life with wonder and inquiry. We foster personal transformation and act for a just and sustainable world.

Sunday Services (10 am)

When Justice Doesn’t Meet Our Expectations

September’s Theme: Expectation ANNUAL PRIDE SERVICE The great circle of love casts no one out, but we might not get to define what being ‘in’ looks like. Who decides how the arc of justice should bend? Sign up to be one of our helping hands and be one of the six volunteers who make Sunday mornings…

My Year of living spiritually

September’s Theme: Expectation A member of the First Unitarian Church of Hamilton, Anne Bokma describes herself as a “scribe, seeker, speaker, storyteller”. A journalist and author, Anne has written My Year of Living Spiritually: From Woo-woo to Wonderful — One Woman’s Secular Quest for a More Soulful Life. For four years she was the “Spiritual…

Featured Events

Beloved Conversations

Beloved Conversations is coming to UFP this fall! (What is Beloved Conversations? Read all about it here.) Beloved Conversations explores the role of race in our individual lives and in our congregation, by creating a supportive space to talk about our experiences, and to identify places for growth. It’s a spiritual exploration, as it invites…